The Waste Land 2022

– A Celebration

7-12 April 2022

Please note changes to the programme –  the most up-to-date versions are on the route pages on this website.

Celebration IV:

POEMS 100 Alex Jennings 10.30am, 11am, 11.30am is at St Mary Le Bow rather than St Michael Paternoster

Anil Seth cancelled due to ill health

Celebration V:

Will Self in St Mary Le Bow Crypt rather than St Michael Paternoster

POEMS 100 Imogen Stubbs is at St Ethelburga 

Ruby Philogene 5pm, 5.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm. VENUE St. Margaret Lothbury (NOT St. Michael Paternoster Royal).

‘These fragments I have shored against my ruins’
The Waste Land by T S Eliot

“I should love to write a book on Wren, or at least on the églises assassinées of London”

T S Eliot, Oct 1921

A celebration in twenty two City of London churches, April 2022

QUICK BOOK £20: Celebration IV, Sun 10 April, 10.30am-1.30pm

Route L: St Margaret (of Antioch) Lothbury, Bank tube

Coskun Karademir & The Secret Ensemble @St. Margaret Lothbury – Alex Jennings POEMS 100 @ St.Mary-le-Bow Crypt – Gavin Bryars Ensemble Jesus’ Blood @St. Katharine Cree –Maya Youssef @St. Ethelburga – Voces8 & Kiku Day @St. Anne & St. Agnes –  Anil Seth @St. Ethelburga – Ear to Ear @St. Mary-le-Bow  – BrainWaves @St. Mary Abchurch – D J Holger VIENNA @St. Clements (SEE MAP BELOW)

QUICK BOOK £20: Celebration V, Sun 10 April, 4.30pm-7.30pm

Route T: St Katharine Cree, Aldgate tube

Chamber Orchestra @St. Katharine Cree – Ruby Philogene Wagner @St Margaret Lothbury – Claire Booth The Human Voice @St. Stephen Walbrook – Rekesh Chauhan Piano Raga @ St. Vedast – In Conversation: Will Self @St Mary-Le-Bow Chapel – Ear to Ear @St. Mary-le-Bow  – BrainWaves @St. Mary Abchurch – BrainWaves @St Mary Abchurch    DJ Sotusura LONDON @St. Clements (SEE MAP BELOW)

PLEASE NOTE: Ruby Philogene Spirituals, Imogen Stubbs POEMS 100 are not part of this Quick Ticket Route.

f r a g m e n t s
is the largest celebration to mark 100 years of T S Eliot’s five part poem, The Waste Land.

f r a g m e n t s is an experiential festival for audiences in the post-Covid era that offers espresso hits of creativity – short, 15-minute events in 22 of London’s most beautiful churches. It takes place in the City of London in the actual geography of the poem’s setting and where Eliot worked at Lloyds Bank when writing the poem.


  • access to all events (between 7-10) in your choice of Celebration. You can attend as many or as few events as you like from five 3 hour Celebrations with over 30 artists in chamber music, opera, world & folk music, literature, flamenco, fado, film, video and DJ events.
  • Click on the Celebration (I, II, III, IV or V) that most interests you, choose one of 5 Route options so that we know the venue from which you’re starting.
  • Moving between the various 15 minute performances involves a short walk (av. 5-8 mins) from one church to another. Click Celebration, then Route, then scroll down to see your walk times between churches.

And here’s the fun bits:

  • You can leave your chosen route and create your own shuffle event order.
  • Pop in and experience part of the longer continuous events and create your own fragment (e.g Gavin Bryars, Indian Raga, BrainWaves, It’s Ragtime…)
Don’t miss our Centrepiece – Ear to Ear: a 40 minute electro-acoustic music realisation of The Waste Land, by composer Pierre-Yves Macé in the Bow Bells church, St. Mary-Le-Bow. CLICK HERE to hear an excerpt.

Click on the Celebration links below to see the routes and book

Venue Map

  1. All Hallows by the Tower
  2. St Anne & St Agnes
  3. St Botolph’s Without Aldersgate

  4. St Clements Eastcheap

  5. St Ethelburga

  6. St James Garlickhythe

  7. St Katharine Cree

  8. St Magnus the Martyr

  9. St Margaret Lothbury

  10. St Margaret Pattens

  11. St Mary Abchurch

  12. St Mary Aldermary

  13. St Mary-at-Hill

  14. St Mary-Le-Bow

  15. St Mary-Le-Bow Crypt Chapel

  16. St Mary Woolnoth

  17. St Michael Cornhill

  18. St Michael Paternoster

  19. St Olave’s

  20. St Stephen Walbrook

  21. St Vedast alias Foster

  22. Southwark Cathedral

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