Celebration V

Sunday 10 April 2022

Select your chosen route below, click on the Route name to see the route details.

Our suggested five E.L.I.O.T route tickets to each of the five Celebrations guarantee and prioritise your entry to specific events at specific times, if you arrive on time. 

Download a calendar listing all f r a g m e n t timings here

However, you are free to create your own route and change the order of your choices on the day or night as your ticket will allow you into any event at any time within the 3 hour period.

There are a number of continuous events, installations that you can insert along your journey in your own time.  The three sound, video and film installations and the DJ experience extend beyond the 3 hour period to allow you to fit these in afterwards or before your live event journey. 

There will likely be available room at all of your chosen events as we have capped the overall ticket allowance.   If on the odd occasion your event is full, front of house staff will direct you to the closest other event or you can choose to wait for the next f r a g m e n t in your chosen church.

You don’t always need to move on to another event & church, you equally can stay put to listen to the next f r a g m e n t from the same artist you’ve just experienced.

Late arrivals at all events will be admitted quietly to seats kept available at the back of the church for latecomers.  We completely understand that on your route you may get occasionally lost in the splendour of the City of London!


Route E

  • Start time: 4.30pm
  • Start venue: St Katherine Cree
  • Nearest tube:Aldgate


Route L

  • Start time: 4.30pm
  • Start venue: St Martin Ludgate
  • Nearest tube:St Paul’s


Route I

  • Start time: 4.30pm
  • Start venue: St Vedast alias Foster
  • Nearest tube:St Paul’s


Route O

  • Start time: 4.30pm
  • Start venue: St. Mary le Bow
  • Nearest tube:St Paul’s


Route T

  • Start time: 5pm
  • Start venue: St Katharine Cree
  • Nearest tube:Aldgate


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