Erland Cooper, and Shards Choir

…….where the walls
Of Magnus Martyr hold
Inexplicable splendour of Ionian white and gold.

Orkney-born contemporary composer & artist Erland Cooper has written a specially commissioned new work for this performance which will feature lines from The Waste Land performed by Shards Choir. Erland has also rearranged for f r a g m e n t s some of his Orkney album repertoire for the choir in this evening’s performance. A rich ambient sound will also be created by Erland himself to resonate around the church, creating a spiritual atmosphere of reflection upon the audience’s entrance. St. Magnus is the patron saint of the Orkney Islands in Scotland.


Erland Cooper and Shards Choir

Erland Cooper and Shards Choir


St. Magnus the Martyr

The church is dedicated to St Magnus the Martyr, earl of Orkney, who died on 16 April 1118. He was executed on the island of Egilsay having been captured during a power struggle with his cousin, a political rival. Magnus had a reputation for piety and gentleness and was canonised in 1135.

St Magnus the Martyr

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