Ear to Ear by Pierre-Yves Macé

‘EAR TO EAR’ by Pierre-Yves Macé
In memoriam Scott Walker

Centrepiece Event

An electro-acoustic music installation of T S Eliot’s The Waste Land (duration 40mins)

Listen to a teaser excerpt here

This festival centrepiece is a multi-voice sound installation from French electro-acoustic composer Pierre-Yves Macé. It involves 10 different recorded voices, evoking the many voices and characters, contemporary and mythic, that inhabit the poem, from a primary school child to a nonagenarian, from native French, German and Italian speakers to a Cockney and a Sanskrit speaker. Audiences are invited to enjoy the 40 mins installation in St Mary-Le-Bow church which will be played on a continuous loop during f r a g m e n t s Celebration I.

Start times

  • Friday 8 April – 12pm – 7pm every hour on the hour (40 mins)
  • Friday 8 April – 7pm – 10pm continuous performances
  • Saturday 9 April – 10:30am-7pm
  • Saturday 9 April – 10:30am-8pm


Pierre-Yves Macé

Pierre-Yves Macé


St Mary-Le-Bow

Founded in or around 1080 as the London headquarters of the archbishops of Canterbury, the medieval church of St Mary-le-Bow survived three devastating collapses before being completely destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. Rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren, it was destroyed once more in 1941 but was again rebuilt and re-consecrated in 1964.

St Mary-Le-Bow

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